Lifestyle Unlimited

Lifestyle Unlimited

F by Farada believes in collaborating with individuals & brands that have extremely excelled and proven themselves as great achievers here in the Emirates.

The brands most recent collaboration with Khalid Al Mulla - President of Group 63 AMG Club, has been one of the most desired collaborations till date and has achieved great acknowledgement all over the Emirates.

F by Farada's next collaboration is due just before the coming Ramadan 2018 season, we could not be happier to show you what we have to offer.

They are recognized for rejuvenating the essence of Arabic traditional footwear, featuring classic with a hint of modernism.

Bold Sophistication

Our partnership with Italian design maestro Enrico Valsecchi forms the foundation of our consistently unique design sensibility, one that is both bold and sophisticated all at once, embodying style icons from ages past while setting considered trends for the future.

Defining A Footprint

Farada was founded in 2010 by the Wellness Group LLC, a UAE-based private group of companies with varied interests across different footwear industries. With a footprint of 6 stores in the United Arab Emirates, the F by Farada brand will see its presence expand to 15 stores by 2020 across the GCC.